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UCLA Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars

The Research & Special Projects team is responsible for conducting institutional research and leading the center’s assessment efforts. Assessment is guided by departmental outcomes or, said another way, the things we expect to occur because our students, scholars, faculty, and staff interact with the Dashew Center.

What we believe

We believe data are powerful. By making the invisible visible, we support the ability of the Dashew Center and UCLA to make data-informed decisions that impact international students and scholars, the communities at UCLA who interact with the international community, and the staff who work at the Dashew Center.

How we work

To facilitate our research and assessment goals, we use quantitative and qualitative methods (as resources permit) to systematically examine data of interest. This investigative approach sometimes confirms our experience-informed beliefs and sometimes reveals new insights.

What we produce

We strive to produce comprehensive and consumable information related to international student and scholar characteristics, opinions, perspectives, and behaviors as they relate to well-being, equity and inclusion, development, and impact. We aim to develop nuanced explanations for findings where appropriate, offer specific and realistic recommendations, and explore views from different vantage points through aggregating and disaggregating by different categories of interest. Finally, we advocate with analysis to continuously enhance administrative operations and the experiences of our students, scholars, faculty, and staff.