Please note that this list is not intended as a substitute for counseling. Any topics that are not covered here should be discussed with a counselor.

Please call the Dashew Center to schedule an appointment; we cannot process appointment requests via email.

Will UCLA file H-1B petitions for postdoctoral positions?

Yes, if the position meets the institutional policy requirements.

How early should I start the H-1B process?

Please have the department that made the job offer contact the Dashew Center.

I am a researcher holding H-1B status at UCLA. Can I teach a class?

No. Please contact the Dashew Center as soon as you know that this may be a possibility because UCLA will need to amend the H-1B petition for you.

I currently hold H-1B status at UCLA but I am thinking of moving to another department. What do I need to do?

Please contact the Dashew Center to discuss your situation.

Can a UCLA H-1B holder work elsewhere?

Please contact the Dashew Center.

Can H dependents work?

H-4 holders (H dependents) are not eligible to work.

My H-1B petition is pending at the USCIS, can I travel outside of the U.S.?

Please contact the Dashew Center before finalizing the travel plans.

What positions qualify for TN status?

Only positions listed on the Appendix 1603.D.1 of NAFTA.

I obtained my TN status at the border when I entered the U.S. How do I extend my TN status?

There are two ways to obtain another year of TN status. You can obtain it via re-entry into the U.S. like you did initially, or you can apply for an extension through the USCIS within the U.S. Please contact the Dashew Center to discuss your options.

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar. Will UCLA sponsor me for permanent resident status?

UCLA will not sponsor an employee in a Postdoctoral Scholar position for employment-based permanent resident processing. Sponsorship is limited to positions which can be permanent, with the expectation of continuing indefinitely. This includes many academic and staff positions. It does not include Postdoctoral Scholar, because the position is temporary by nature.

Can I get employment-based permanent resident status without having UCLA sponsorship?

There are a couple of employment-based categories which do not require "sponsorship," that is, they do not require a job offer: "national interest waiver" (under employment-based second preference) and "extraordinary ability" (under employment-based first preference). These are quite difficult to qualify for.

If you apply in these "self-petitioned" categories, UCLA will not be involved in the preparation or signing of the petition. The only exception would be the writing of recommendation letters by UCLA faculty or staff as evidence employment.