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    Check out the ‘Sibling’ tab for an overview of the role of a Global Sibling. Find the Global Siblings expectations and application on the 'Apply' tab. Learn about the this year's Global Siblings Coordinators on the ‘Leadership’ tab and check out the ‘Coordinator Position ’ tab for an overview of their role.

    The Global Siblings program pairs one student with another student of a different cultural background for the academic year to form a Sibling pair. International and domestic pairings are prioritized. However, depending on our applicant pool, we may also pair international students of different cultural backgrounds together.

    In addition to gaining a Sibling, participants are divided into a Global Siblings Family. Families are coordinated by student leaders called ‘Global Siblings Coordinators,’ who plan the program-wide All Family Social each quarter in addition to family events throughout each quarter.

    No matter what stage you’re at in your transition to life at UCLA, Global Siblings is a great opportunity to connect with others who hold similar interests, build a support system, share your culture, and learn about other cultures from around the world!


      What roles do Siblings play?

      Friendship: Building friendship is the main goal of Global Siblings. Domestic and international siblings each have much to share about the world, and are both looking to build friendships with new people. Lending your support to your sibling can go a long way towards making UCLA feel more like home.

      Culture Sharing: One of the most important characteristics of a Global Sibling is the ability to be culturally sensitive. Your sibling may have customs and values that are different from your own. As a sibling pair, you each have the opportunity to help one another develop global awareness.

      What can Global Siblings do with their Sibling?

      In addition to attending All Family Socials and family events, you are required to meet one-on-one with your Sibling at least once throughout the quarter! You can be as creative or as relaxed as you and your Sibling want, as long as you have fun! Here are some ideas:

      Virtual Meet-ups

      • Stream a movie on the weekends to watch together, cook dinner together over video chat, or share recipes.
      • Make yourself a cup of coffee and dedicate a time to study with your Global Sibling.
      • Find a virtual event or activity at UCLA or in LA that you want to attend or participate in together. If you can't be together virtually during the event or activity, share your experience with your Global Sibling afterwards.
      • Set up a video chat with your friends and invite your Global Sibling.
      • Invite other Sibling pairs to join you and your Sibling in a video chat to play a game or catch up.

      In-Person Meet-ups

      • Hang out together on weekends by catching movies, going out to eat, or going shopping.
      • Grab coffee or study together on a weeknight.
      • Check out the awesome events at UCLA!
      • Introduce your Sibling to your friends.
      • Invite other Sibling pairs out and explore Los Angeles!

      Program Outcomes:

      • Participants will make new friendships to make UCLA feel more like home.
      • Participants will develop cultural awareness to help them feel more confident communicating with people from diverse backgrounds.
      • Participants will get to know UCLA and Los Angeles by attending program outings and events.

      Apply to be a Sibling

      Applications for Global Siblings for the 2020 – 2021 academic year are closed. Check back in spring 2021 for information on how to apply for 2021-2022.

      The application is only accessible using a email address. Activate your account or access your email at If you have questions or concerns about the application, email . We will use your email address for all program communication.

      Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but it is to your advantage to apply early. The number of siblings that we can select is limited and the selection process is competitive, so make sure to draft thoughtful answers on the application. No prior experience in the program, at UCLA, or in Los Angeles is required to participate in the program as a Sibling.

      COVID-19 Updates:

      For fall 2020, all program participation will be virtual. For winter and spring 2021, we will make virtual or in-person accommodations based on UCLA guidance.

      For 2020-2021, time zone proximity and convenience will be considered when grouping and pairing Siblings. However, the purpose of Global Siblings is to provide UCLA students with an opportunity to build cross-cultural connections. Given that many participants may be in their home countries around the world during fall quarter, flexibility on the part of all participants will be required in order to maintain fairness when scheduling Sibling meetups. Dashew staff and your Global Siblings Coordinators will do our best to schedule All Family Socials and family events at a convenient time for all participants; however, we cannot guarantee that each event will be at a time most convenient for every participant.

      Some aspects of the program structure may change significantly throughout 2020-2021 depending on COVID guidance from UCLA, how our Global Siblings applicant pool is affected by current events, predicted student participation, or other unforeseen factors. We will communicate any updates to the program structure to those affected by such changes as information becomes available.

      2020-2021 Global Siblings Expectations:

      • Applicants must plan to be enrolled at UCLA for the full academic year (fall, winter, spring quarters) in which you apply. Your commitment is for the full academic year, after which you can reapply for the following year. (*Note: Applicants who have accepted their offer of admission to UCLA and plan to take classes in the fall will be given priority. However, students deferring admission or taking a leave of absence to start or resume classes in winter 2021 are still eligible to apply, provided they can commit to and participate in the program for the duration of the 2020-2021 academic year. Should a student who is deferring to winter/taking a leave of absence for fall be accepted into the program, there is a possibility they would be paired with a student who is taking classes in the fall. Program attendance and requirements are the same for all participants, regardless of deferral/leave of absence status.)
      • Attend the mandatory virtual All Family Orientation for all Global Siblings on Saturday, October 17th from 7:30-9pm PST. This may be on Sunday, October 18th for some time zones. All applicants should mark their calendars accordingly. (*Note: Only participants who are accepted and successfully paired in the program should attend the All Family Orientation. You will be notified of your program status by the end of week 2 of fall quarter.)
      • Meet with your Sibling virtually a minimum of once a month (not including family/program events), but more often is highly encouraged! This is an equal relationship; both Siblings need to make an effort to consistently meet with one another. Your Sibling’s experience is dependent on your commitment to the program! Time zone proximity and convenience will be considered when pairing Siblings. However, given that many participants may be in their home countries around the world during the fall quarter, flexibility on the part of all participants will be required in order to maintain fairness when scheduling Sibling meetups.
      • Notify your Global Siblings Coordinators or Dashew staff immediately if your Sibling is unresponsive, not meeting program expectations, or you have any other concerns. There is generally a waitlist of applicants and you may have the option to be re-paired with a new Sibling.
      • Attend at least two Global Siblings events per quarter (any combination of family events and All Family Socials), which will be organized by Dashew staff and your Global Siblings Coordinators. Dependent on the time zones of those accepted to the program, Dashew staff and your Coordinators will work to find a convenient time for All Family Socials and your family events, all of which will be held virtually in the fall. (*Note: Attending All Family Orientation is a program requirement and does NOT count toward the two event/quarter attendance requirement for the fall quarter.)
      • If in-person events resume during the course of the program year, you are responsible for getting yourself to and from the event departure point. Most in-person events originate from or take place on UCLA's campus.

      Important: There are no financial obligations required of this program. However, if in-person events resume during the course of the program year, attending some in-person family events may require a small fee.

      How do I apply?

      Please ensure you complete the correct application below by clicking the correct hyperlink.

      Note: The application is only accessible using a email address. Activate your account or access your email at If you have any questions or concerns about the application, email We will use your email address for all program communication.

      To apply to be a Coordinator, view the Coordinator Position !

      Current Coordinators

      We have an excellent group of Global Siblings Coordinators lined up this year! These student leaders are volunteering their time to plan events to help you connect with your Global Siblings family, UCLA, and Los Angeles!

      Undergrad Coordinators

      Alexa - I'm a Psychology and Sociology double major also working on a minor in Global Studies. I am from the Bay Area, CA. I love exploring different parts of the Bay or anywhere! I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures, foods, and new activities to experience. I've been to Peru and the Dominican Republic on volunteer trips and I hope to see more of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. I am a huge Disney fan and in my free time, you'll catch me practicing Yoga, working out, drawing, journaling, or watching old Disney movies! I'm a pretty balanced person overall so you can catch me being super talkative and fun, but very observant and thoughtful too!

      Alexa Sass

      Angela - As a Linguistics & Psychology major, foreign languages and cultures fascinate me -- I speak Mandarin, have studied (beginning) French, am currently studying (intermediate) Korean, and aspire to learn many more languages in the future. I am an avid fan of books, board games, biking, and Broadway (alliteration is also pretty cool). I am very fortunate and excited to be a coordinator this year, and hope to provide a welcoming space for friendships to blossom, cultures to be explored, and memories to be made!

      Angela Ueng

      Angelina - I am a senior majoring in Art History. I am from Kazakhstan so I speak Russian, and I learned French while I was living 4 years in Switzerland. I love to travel and explore new surroundings, so I can’t wait to explore Los Angeles with all of you! In my free time I like to play the piano, go to the beach, try new food, and go out to the city to visit museums and food festivals. I am very excited to join the Global Siblings family and make new unforgettable memories together!

      Angelina Golenko

      Ethan - I’m a second-year tentatively majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Geography. I love traveling and exploring new places, especially secret restaurants in big cities. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid the foods that I’m allergic to, like mangoes and bananas. Besides the food, some of my travel goals are to visit every baseball stadium in America and eventually go to Antarctica. When I’m at home, I try to exercise and write blog posts, but I also relax, watch sports and Chicago PD on TV, and plan for the next trip. I’m super excited to meet everyone and explore LA next year!

      Lucy - I'm a third-year in Biochemistry major. I was born and raised in Shanghai, China but have been living in LA for the past 8 years! Some of my hobbies are dancing, painting, going to the beach, and learning bodycombat! I also love eating all kinds of food and want to travel all over the world! My favorite place right now is Hawaii, but I have yet to explore my way through Europe! I am so excited to join this large family and look forward to meeting everyone! (P.S. feel free to come on a road trip with me!)

      Lucy Wang

      Mariah - I'm a third year majoring in Political Science and minoring in global studies. I was born and raised in California and have only been to 2 other states so i'm hoping to travel later in life. I love learning languages but I can only speak English and some Spanish and Italian. I also love painting, drawing, going to the beach and eating good food. On my free time I usually just lay down and watch Netflix or dance (even though I am horrible). I am so excited to be a coordinator this year for Global Siblings and I can't wait to meet you all!!!

      Mariah Jones

      Pri - I am a third year Psychobiology Major. I'm from Houston Texas. I love my family and my dog (he's an English Cream Golden retriever for those who were wondering). My hobbies include working out, watching TV/Movies, reading, traveling, baking/cooking, and trying new foods. I love exploring L.A. and can't wait to share all of the cool places I have explored with my Global Siblings Family and help make the program a fun experience for everyone!


      Shuoyi - I am majoring in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics and minoring in Biomedical Research. I am an international student from China. I was born in Zhengzhou and raised in Shenzhen. I can speak Mandarin and a little German. I enjoy hiking, baking, taking photos, playing the piano, and listening to music. I love traveling the world, through which I can explore new environments and confront different cultures. I am always passionate to try new things and make friends with people who have diverse backgrounds. I can't wait to meet you and explore LA with you!

      Shuoyi Li

      Grad Coordinators

      Erick - This is my third year at UCLA and I just recently graduated with a Master degree in Project Management, and I am planning to be a PhD Student candidate at UCLA for the next year. In the meantime, I am taking an intensive year program in digital marketing at UCLA Continuing Education to enhance my digital skills in this new digital world. I am an international student and I am so proud to be a latino and represent my country from El Salvador in Central America. I speak Spanish, English, Japanese, and some Hindi (basic) too. I am extremely grateful to be a Coordinator this year again, I strongly believe being a part of the Global Sibling family is a unique and special opportunity to build new friendships and develop new skills such as planning skills, leadership skills, problem solving, and exploring amazing places, and enjoy from delicious places to eat around Los Angeles. Looking forward to meeting you all and build some great experiences together!


      Tamara -I am a second-year graduate student majoring in Urban and Regional Planning with a concentration in Transportation Policy and Planning. I am originally from Indonesia, so I speak Indonesian and English. Last year was my first time in the U.S.! I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, food, and scenery. My favorite countries I have visited are Slovakia and Japan. My next goal will be exploring the U.S. and countries in South America. In my free time, you can find me dancing at one of the many excellent dance studios in LA. If not, I might be somewhere rollerskating, trying LA diverse food, or just watching Netflix at home. I'm really excited to meet you all and explore LA with you!

      Program Assistants

      Rahil - I am a fourth year neuroscience major. I was born and raised in Mumbai, India. I love learning new languages and can speak 5 different languages, although I am not fluent in all of them. In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, hiking and hunting for new places to eat around Los Angeles. When I'm not doing either of those things, I like watching stand-up comedies and psychological thrillers on Netflix. I am excited to be a part of the Global Siblings team!

      Chris - I am a third-year double majoring in Sociology and Psychology. I was born and raised in Beijing, China but now live in the Bay! I'm fluent in Mandarin and am starting to learn Korean. Whenever I have the chance, I like to cook for my friends or find new restaurants to try out. I'm excited to meet more people from all around the world and learn about new cultures. I look forward to meeting all of you!

      Program Advisor

      Catherine - I love guiding the Global Siblings Coordinators in developing their leadership skills and more importantly, I love learning from the Coordinators, Siblings, and Program Assistants in the program! Culturally, I'm influenced by my childhood in Oklahoma and Texas, attending undergrad in Missouri, and studying and working in Chicago. I've also spent what adds up to a few years living, teaching, and studying abroad in Ecuador, South Korea, and Spain. I majored in International Studies & Linguistics in undergrad and have a master's in Applied Linguistics/TESOL. I love talking all things language and culture!

      Apply to be a Coordinator

      Global Siblings Coordinators are student leaders who are selected based on their application as well as an interview process. They help coordinate the meetings and activities of a group of Global Siblings pairs.

      Global Siblings Coordinator applicants also have the option to be considered for the Global Siblings Social Media Ambassador team, please review the Social Media Ambassadors tab for more information.

      How do I apply: Applications for Global Siblings Coordinators for the 2021-2022 academic year are closed.

      COVID-19 Adjustments: Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, adjustments to the program may be made according to UCLA guidelines. Coordinators are expected to be flexible as the role of the Coordinator position could as the program structure is adapted. All changes will be communicated to Coordinators as soon as information becomes available.

      Please review the FAQs and ensure you are able to meet all Global Siblings Coordinator Expectations below before applying at the link below.

      Instagram Live Info Sessions: Want to hear from current Coordinators and/or get your questions answered before applying? Follow us on Instagram @ucla.globalsiblings. We'll go live on the following dates and save the video to our feed so you can watch it later!

      • Grad Students: Mon., April 5th @ 6:30pm PT
      • General: Mon., April 19th @ 6:30pm PT
        Applicant FAQs:
      • What is the duration of the Coordinator position? June 2021* - March 2022 (end of winter quarter) *Minimal work may be available during summer 2021 based on Coordinator availability
      • What is the weekly time commitment? Average of 5 hours/week during fall and winter
      • I'm currently an international, domestic, first year, grad, transfer, and/or out-of-state student, can I apply? Yes!
      • Can I apply if I haven't participated in the program as a Global Siblings or am new to UCLA/LA? Yes!
      • I'm a grad student, would I be working with undergraduates as a Coordinator? Because Global Siblings is a social program, we pair Coordinators and group Siblings primarily based on age and other demographic factors, not necessarily by academic status. You might have undergrad students in your Global Siblings Family if they are closer in age to other grad students.
      • Is this position still open if classes are remote in 2021-2022? Yes! The program will operate remotely.
      • If classes are remote, do I need to live near UCLA to be a Coordinator? No. If classes are remote, Global Siblings events will likely be remote.
      • Do Coordinators get paired with a Global Sibling? Coordinators are paired with a Co-Coordinator to manage their Global Sibs Family. Your Co-Coordinator is your 'Sibling'!
      • What do you look for in Coordinator applicants? Students interested in international awareness and cultural appreciation with a positive attitude! If you're looking for a leadership position involving event planning, program management, and exploring new parts of LA and campus life (pending UCLA COVID guidance), this may be the right position for you!
      • What else should I know before applying? Ensure you can meet all Coordinator expectations below before applying!
      • Global Sibling Coordinator Expectations:
      • Attend the online New Coordinator Meeting: Meet your fellow Coordinators on Wednesday, May 27th, 2021 (7:00 - 8:30 PM PT).
      • Attend the Coordinator Orientation: Mandatory training session for all Global Siblings Coordinators on September 18th & 19th, 2021. (Times: TBD, remote adjustments will be made as necessary )
      • Plan and Attend the Family Orientation: Mandatory All Family Orientation for Global Siblings on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 (Time: TBD, remote adjustments will be made as necessary ).
      • Attend Coordinator Meetings: Report on group activities every other week throughout the academic year (remote adjustments will be made as necessary) .
      • Recruitment: Be available to participate in program marketing efforts for Coordinators and Siblings throughout the year (flyering, department outreach, Res Hall outreach, tabling at campus events including Dashew Welcome Event during True Bruin Week & Freshman/Transfer Bruins Days in the spring, etc.).
      • Work Hours: Work with your Co-Coordinator for an average of 5-10 hours per week (e.g. meetings, communication to Siblings, event planning, etc.).
      • Family Events: Plan, submit proposals, attend, and submit post-event documents for your Family Events each quarter (2 Family Events in fall and 3 Family Events in winter, remote adjustments will be made as necessary ).
      • All Family Socials: Plan and attend social events for all program participants during the fall, winter, and spring quarters (remote adjustments will be made as necessary) .
      • Communication: Communicate consistently with Sibling pairs to ensure they are engaged in the program and are meeting with their sibling. Maintain communication with Dashew Center staff throughout the year.
      • Attend Coordinator Development Day: Saturday, January 8, 2022 (Time: TBD)
      • Assist with other duties as assigned: Examples include contributing to or participating in Dashew's efforts to strengthen the ties between international and domestic students to campus or assisting with Coordinator Orientation in spring 2022.
      • How do I apply: Applications for Global Siblings Coordinators for the 2021-2022 academic year are closed.
        Please review the FAQs and ensure you are able to meet all Global Siblings Coordinator Expectations above before applying. You will be asked to submit a resume at the end of the application. Ensure you have all materials ready before starting the application as you won't be able to save your responses and return later. Note: The application is only accessible using a email address. Activate your account or access your email at If you have any questions or concerns about the application, email We will use your email address for all program communication.

      Social Media Ambassadors

      Accepted Global Siblings Coordinators are offered an additional opportunity to work within the Global Siblings Social Media Ambassador team.

      Social Media Ambassadors will work alongside Global Siblings Program Advisor & Program Assistants to assist in marketing & outreach to program participants and the wider UCLA campus via social media.

      This team of selected individuals will have all responsibilities of a regular Coordinator while taking on additional Social Media Ambassador responsibilities (2-5 hours/week) for the duration of their position (fall 2021 & winter 2022).

      Some work during summer 2021 may be available based on program needs and Coordinator availability.

      Key Responsibilities:

      • Build & execute social media strategy through content creation, messaging and audience engagement across Global Siblings social media platforms (private Facebook group, Instagram, & TikTok)
      • Build meaningful connections and engage with Global Siblings community members through dialogue and messaging
      • Help maintain all current program social media initiatives including program event promotion and #SiblingSelfies
      • Brainstorm strategies to help drive reach and engagement on Global Siblings social media platforms
      • Offer creative ideas so that we can stay current in terms of content and social media trends
      • Maintain communication with Dashew staff via Slack and periodic Social Media team meetings

      • Who are we looking for:
      • Global Siblings Coordinator applicants with an interest in social media marketing management
      • A social media savvy individual with experience navigating functions across various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok) and creating content using Canva and/or other tools
      • A strong verbal, written, and visual communicator
      • A self starter who takes initiative in problem solving and proposing new ideas
      • A team player who works well in collaborative environments
      • An adaptable person willing to adjust to changing responsibilities throughout the duration of the position

      • How do I apply: Interested applicants should review everything on the Coordinator Position page, then complete the additional application questions for this role along with all other questions on the application. You will be asked additional role-specific questions during the interview process if offered an interview.