The online Post-Arrival J-1 Status Check-in Application is due within 25 days of your DS-2019 start date and can only be completed after arriving in the U.S. Failure to complete the check-in within the deadline will automatically invalidate your J-1 record in SEVIS which leads to the termination of your J-1 status. If you are unable to enter the U.S. and complete the online Post-Arrival J-1 Status Check-in Application by the deadline, you must contact your department immediately so that they can submit a request to the Dashew Center to change your DS-2019 start date.

The online Post-Arrival J-1 Status Check-in Application is not for J-1 scholars under the UCLA School of Medicine. School of Medicine visitors need to report directly to their academic departments.

Follow the steps below to successfully complete the mandatory online Post-Arrival J-1 Status Check-in Application:

STEP 1: Create a UCLA Logon ID

You can skip this step if you have already created a UCLA Logon ID.

How to Create a UCLA Logon ID

How to Create a UCLA Logon ID without a UID : You can create a UCLA Logon without a University ID # (UID). However, if you obtain a UID at a later time, you would need to contact UCLA IT services to merge your Logon ID with your UID. Do not create a second UCLA Logon ID after obtaining your UID as this could lead to issues accessing your Dashew accounts.

STEP 2: Access the Post-Arrival J-1 Status Check-in Application

Click here to access the application: Post-Arrival J-1 Status Check-in Application. ( Chrome or Firefox is recommended to ensure compatibility )

You will be prompted to enter your UCLA Logon ID and password.

Please note, do not access the application until after you have arrived and collected all the documents listed below.

STEP 3: Click on Visitor Information

The first thing you must do after logging in is fill out your Visitor Information (e.g. U.S. address, emergency contact information).

STEP 4: Click on Visa Documents

You are required to upload electronic copies of the following documents:

  • Page 1 of DS-2019 Form (the version signed by the consular officer at the visa appointment)
  • I-94 Admission Record *
  • J-1 Visa (except Canadian citizens)
  • Passport Photo Page

Electronic copies of the documents listed above must be made only AFTER arrival to the U.S.

*J-1 scholars can access their I-94 Admission Record at only after arrival to the U.S. This website will only be accessible after the EV’s arrival. If EV receives a paper I-94 card instead, they must make an electronic copy of both front and back sides of the card.

STEP 5: Click on Visa Regulations

Review and Verify that you have read and understood the J-1 visa regulations.

STEP 6: Click on Health Insurance

Review and verify that you have read and understood the Health Insurance requirements. You will also be required to upload your Health Insurance documents.