J-1 Scholars with a program duration of more than 3 months are required to complete the online UCLA jPATH Orientation. However, it is still highly recommended for those scholars who are at UCLA for less than 3 months. Completing orientation is a U.S. Department of State requirement.

jPATH is comprised of several components. Some of them are mandatory and some of them are highly recommended – but all of them have been created to help adjust you to life in the United States, Los Angeles and the UCLA campus. Follow the steps below to successfully complete jPATH:

The following J-1 holders should NOT complete the jPATH orientation:

  • J-1 Scholars that were issued a DS-2019 from the UCLA School of Medicine.
  • J-1 UCLA Degree Seeking Students (complete iSTART instead)
  • J-1 Exchange Students (e.g. UCEAP) (complete iSTART instead)

STEP 1: Create a UCLA Logon ID (Mandatory)

How to Create a UCLA Logon ID

How to Create a UCLA Logon ID without a UID : You can create a UCLA Logon without a University ID # (UID). However, if you obtain a UID at a later time, you would need to contact UCLA IT services to merge your Logon ID with your UID. Do not create a second UCLA Logon ID after obtaining your UID as this could lead to issues accessing your Dashew accounts.

STEP 2: Create a DCISS Account (Mandatory)

Click LOGIN at the top right corner of this site. You will be prompted to enter your UCLA Logon ID and enter your personal information to create a DCISS account.

STEP 3: Access jPATH (Mandatory)

After you have created a DCISS account, you can access jPATH.

STEP 4: Complete Video Modules (Mandatory)

The jPATH Orientation includes the J-1 Visa Workshop, Getting Started at UCLA Video, Getting Started in Los Angeles Video, and the Dimensions of Culture Video.

jPATH is due by the end of week 2 of your UCLA program. An all services hold will be placed in your record if jPATH is not completed on time. Failure to complete jPATH may also lead to the cancellation of your J-1 visa status since orientation is a U.S. Department of State requirement.

Already created a UCLA Logon ID and DCISS Account? Click below to get started!

Click here to begin jPATH