Welcome to UCLA! Now that you have been admitted to UCLA, what's next? Navigate this site for assistance on what you must do prior to arriving in the U.S.

Step 1: Obtain a UCLA DS-2019

J-1 Degree Students

To request for a UCLA DS-2019, you must first submit the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to confirm acceptance of your admission to UCLA. Once you have submitted your SIR, you will receive an automatic email with instructions on how to request a UCLA DS-2019 online.

J-1 Exchange Students (e.g. EAP, IEO, LAW)

Once you have been officially registered with UCLA, you will receive an automatic email with instructions on how to request a UCLA DS-2019 online. This email will be sent to you approximately 2-3 months prior to your program start date.

Step 2: Review your UCLA DS-2019 Form

UCLA DS-2019s will be provided electronically via email. Look at your biographical information and program dates (item 3) on your UCLA DS-2019. Please contact the Dashew Center immediately if there are any errors on the form.

You must print and sign the DS-2019 form under Signature of Applicant. The J-2 spouse or dependent should sign the J-2 DS-2019 form. You must sign the J-2 DS-2019 form if accompanying minor is under 16.

Contact the Dashew Center immediately if you are currently in the U.S. or decide not to come.

Step 3: Pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee

After you receive your UCLA DS-2019, please remember to pay the mandatory, one-time SEVIS I-901 Fee online . Print a copy of your SEVIS fee payment receipt and have it with you when applying for your J-1 Visa at a U.S. Embassy/Consulate and when entering the U.S.

Step 4: Apply for a J-1 Visa from a U.S. Embassy/Consulate

If you are outside the U.S. and do not have a valid J-1 Visa, follow the steps below to apply for a J-1 Visa (Canadian citizens are exempt from this step*):

  • Fill out the DS-160 / MRV (visa application) fee and schedule your visa appointment with a U.S. Embassy/Consulate online at https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/
  • Take your printed UCLA DS-2019, valid passport, SEVIS fee receipt, MRV (visa application) fee receipt, passport style photos (if applicable), evidence of strong ties to your home country, and financial documents to your visa interview appointment. The following are examples of strong ties: proof of close family ties in your home country; proof of ownership of real property including stocks & investments; proof of guaranteed employment in your country or any other document that supports your intent to return home at the conclusion of your activities in the U.S.

If you intend to apply for J-2 Visas for your spouse or children, you must provide evidence of their full names, relationship to you, residence, nationality, and DS-2019s. Allow enough time to apply for the visa because the issuance of visas to some individuals could take longer due to security clearances. For more information about the visa application process, please visit http://travel.state.gov

** Canadian citizens are exempt from this step, but must present their valid passport, UCLA DS-2019, SEVIS fee payment receipt at the port of entry to the U.S., and will hold J-1 status in the U.S. during their program at UCLA.

Step 5: Arrival to the U.S.

You may only enter the U.S. with your J-1 Visa and UCLA DS-2019 up to (but no earlier) than 30 days before the start date indicated on your UCLA DS-2019.

Carry the following documents with you to present to immigration officials when entering the U.S.:

  • Paper DS-2019 Form
  • Passport with J-1 Visa Stamp (Canadian Citizens are exempt from obtaining a J-1 visa stamp)
  • Admissions Letter
  • SEVIS receipt

*** Transfer Students are not subject to the 30 day arrival limitation.