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What is it?

You’ve come to the right place to learn all about the new MyBruin International Portal.

Note: This is NOT a change in U.S. federal immigration policies, procedures, or systems, but only a UCLA internal system update.

We are introducing a new centralized system called MyBruin International Portal. This means that all F-1 and J-1 related requests and documents will be provided in one place. The portal will provide users an enhanced user-experience and transparency. It will also improve data security and system stability, as well as advanced functionality for UCLA to meet federal compliance requirements more efficiently. We are looking forward to implementing this new system because it will enable UCLA to better serve international students, scholars, and department administrators through this robust and comprehensive system.

MyBruin International Video

How will MyBruin International work?

For UCLA F-1/J-1 International Students

  • International students will UCLA Single Sign On (UCLA SSO Logon)
  • International students will access the portal through the login button on our website(The link will be available July 23, 2024)
  • The portal will communicate with both student and Dashew Staff simultaneously and requests will be submitted and tracked on the portal.

For UCLA J-1 International Scholars

Current scholars on J-1 status will receive an International Portal ID via email from the Dashew Center /dcissj1unit@saonet.ucla.edu (between July 2-July 23, 2024).
Scholars will not be able to access the portal with a UCLA Single Sign On (UCLA SSO Logon)
Scholars will access the portal through the login button on our website (link will be available July 23, 2024)
The portal will communicate with both scholar and Dashew Staff simultaneously, and requests will be submitted and tracked on the new portal.

How to Login to MyBruin International as a J-1 Scholar Video

For UCLA Departments

UCLA Departments who currently work with Dashew Center will receive information on how to request access to the new portal from the J-1 Visa Unit (between July 2-July 23, 2024).The portal will allow departments to submit DS-2019 requests electronically.

Time Sensitive Requests (Eligibility Criteria)

UCLA F-1 and J-1 Students and Scholars who have time sensitive needs between July 2 through July 22 can request services through email to the specific visa support units. Upon internal review and approval, our team will process submitted document requests and send approved documents via email. Our normal processing timeline will remain unchanged (10-15 business days).

Eligibility for time sensitive requests:

  • Requests that will prevent the expiration or termination of your F-1 and J-1 status (e.g. extensions, amendments).
  • Employment benefits that are expiring during the new system transition period.
  • Transfer requests with a transfer date that falls under the system implementation period.

Time sensitive requests should be requested via email to the appropriate visa unit:

Note: Please enter “Time Sensitive Request” and your UID/SEVIS number in the email subject line of your email.

More Details

 What will change?

  • The look and feel of the new portal will be different from how students & scholars currently request documents & forms.
  • It will provide a more friendly & transparent user-experience for submission of requests to UCLA Dashew Center.
  • Current page Links/URLs for F-1 and J-1 related documents and requests will change because they will no longer be housed through the Dashew Center website directly.
  • By default, I-20s and DS-2019s will be issued to international students and scholars electronically via the portal once a request is processed by Dashew Center. As a result, Dashew Center will no longer need international students and scholars to provide a mailing option within most requests.
  • Most online PDF forms that Dashew Center is currently using for F-1/J-1 international students & scholars requests will be replaced by an electronic submission through MyBruin International Portal.

What will not change?

  • Academic departments will still need to review J-1 scholars requests electronically before they are submitted to Dashew Center for processing.
  • The required information and documentation for most requests will remain the same.

Will immigration advising and processing be impacted?

Yes, immigration advising and processing will be temporarily impacted during July 2 - July 22, 2024. While the bulk of the implementation is taking place behind the scenes, there will a few days when it will affect some of the services Dashew Center provides. Our priority throughout this process is to limit the impact on our international community. We appreciate your patience during the transition.

What is the timeline?

The entire implementation process will take place from July 2 through July 23, of 2024. See the breakdown below:

  • Monday, July 1,2024:
    The last date to submit most international student/scholar requests through Dashew Center website by 5pm (PT).  
  • Tuesday, July 2 through Tuesday, July 22:
    F-1/J-1 International students & scholars and departments will not be able to submit most requests during this time. See a list of services that will be available during this time. Most forms on the Dashew Center website will be closed and new portal will not be available yet. ​​
  • International Advising by Dashew Center Counselors: 
    During July 2- July 22 (2024) F-1 and J-1 advising may be limited intermittently.
  • Tuesday, July 23 (2024):
    MyBruin International Portal will be live and available for international students, scholars and UCLA departments to submit requests. Link for accessing the portal will be available on the Dashew Center website. 


What if I still have questions?

Please review the latest information on this page and the FAQs. If you like to contact our team directly for questions related to MyBruin International Portal, please find the appropriate unit through our Contact Us Page.