These data come from the Open Doors reports published by the Institute of International Education (IIE). Student profiles are compiled using international student data that is collected at the beginning of Fall quarter each year. Scholar and employee profiles are compiled using data collected of all active scholars and employees who are employed through UCLA visa sponsorship or OPT (optional practical training) work authorization from July to June. Therefore, these data from Open Doors may differ from other campus resources of information about the international student and scholar population.

The data represents five different international populations:

  • International students, including undergraduate and graduate international students, are defined as anyone studying at UCLA on a temporary visa that allows for academic coursework. This subset includes holders of F (student) visas and J (exchange visitor) visas.

  • International non-degree students are individuals studying at UCLA on a temporary visa that allows for academic coursework, without pursuing any academic degree. This subset includes holders of F (student) visas and J (exchange visitor) visas.

  • International scholars are defined as scholars on non-immigrant visas engaged in temporary academic activities at UCLA. They are not enrolled as students. Scholars primarily include holders of J (exchange visitor) visas, though in very specific circumstances outlined here, may include those on B visas.

  • International employees include individuals working at UCLA who are primarily holders of H (specialty workers) visas, O (extraordinary ability workers) visas, TN (NAFTA professional) visas, and OPT (optional practical training) work authorization.

  • International STEM Students include persons studying at UCLA seeking degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors. Whether a major is considered a STEM major is determined based on the STEM Designated Program List (effective on May 10th, 2016).

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Each population profile covers international student and scholar information over the past five academic years. The profiles report the number of students and scholars represented in each country, academic field, and gender identity.

About Gender

UCLA international student and scholar profiles report binary gender identity - male and female - based on students' and scholars' passport information. Whether the gender identities reported in the profiles reflects individuals' chosen gender identities depends on whether a given individual's home country recognizes their gender identity after birth. For more information on the University of California's values regarding gender identity and reporting, please visit:

About Academic Fields

The Open Doors Report uses two-digit CIP (Classification of Instructional Program) codes to recognize academic fields. Because these data follow the Open Doors Report structure, the UCLA student and scholar profiles report within the confines of the 23 academic fields identified by Open Doors Report. However, the international student and scholar population represents more than 200 academic majors as defined by UCLA. Therefore, the table below maps UCLA majors to Open Door Report fields.

Open Door Fields to UCLA Majors Map

To identify which UCLA majors are included in each Open Doors Field or vice versa, please use the table below. The grid can be sorted by UCLA majors or Open Doors Fields by clicking on either of the table headers. The triangle next to the table header indicates 1) that the table is sorted based on the data column, and 2) whether the data is sorted ascending (right-side-up triangle) or descending (upside-down triangle). A particular UCLA major or Open Doors Field can be highlighted by clicking on the designated row.

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