Bruin OnLine (BOL) is a collection of services that provides UCLA students, faculty, and staff with:

  • Email
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Network Connectivity, including Wireless
  • Free Software and Support

In order to have access to BOL services, you must have a UCLA Logon ID. You can create your UCLA Logon ID at Identity and Accounts Manager.

Bruin Online Services


After you are officially enrolled at UCLA you will receive an UCLA email address (example: and this will be the email address used for all official communications from the university so make sure you check it regularly! You can access your email by going through MyUCLA. Need to updated your preferred email? please update it on your settings at MyUCLA.

Web Hosting Services

The Bruin OnLine Web Service enables UCLA students, staff, faculty, and departments to create their own World Wide Web pages. This service is provided as an aid to the academic pursuits of the UCLA community.

  • This service provides every Bruin OnLine user with 100 megabytes of space to create a personal webpage.
  • The URL of your web page will be http:// UCLA Logon ID - if your UCLA Logon ID is jbruin, the URL of your webpage will be

Please read the Policies that govern the use of the Bruin OnLine webserver before creating and uploading your webpages.

  • Creating Your Webpage - This page will start you on your way by linking you to some HTML documentation, templates, CGI scripts, and a FAQ about the Bruin OnLine webpages.
  • Uploading Your Webpage - This page will explain how to upload your webpage to the BOL Webserver.

Network Connectivity and WIFI (Wireless Internet)

Bruin OnLine provides eligible users with access to UCLA's network infrastructure, including wireless, VPN, proxy server, and dial-up access.


UCLA provides limited wireless networking services on campus to anyone with a wireless enabled laptop or mobile device. Many of the popular public locations such as Ackerman Union, Northern Lights, Kerckhoff Hall, Powell Library, Charles E. Young Library, and the Faculty Center are included in the coverage area. For a more detailed list of coverage areas please see our wireless coverage map.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Did you know that you need to have a campus IP address to access certain services at UCLA? For example, you can’t use your IP address from your home internet connection. However, UCLA provides VPN so that you can still have access to these services from home.

A VPN is a secured private network connection built on top of publicly accessible infrastructure. The VPN provides an alternative to using the proxy server for remote access to campus resources as well as a secure method to authenticate to the campus wireless network. For information of how to install and use the VPN please see the BOL VPN website.

Free Software and Support

UCLA provides students, faculty, scholars, etc with FREE software like email clients, anti-virus software and browsers. Save some money and download these software programs from the BruinOnline website at

Bruin Card

One of the first things you will want to do after arriving at UCLA is get your BruinCard. This card will give you access to many places on campus:

Official University ID

Use your BruinCard to get into campus events, as ID for student voting, tests and finals.

Debit Card

Use the EasyPay pre-paid debit card feature of your BruinCard to purchase a wide variety of items such as food and textbooks at both on and off-campus merchants. No fees, no hassle! Just deposit money to your card and you’re ready to go!

Library Card

Use your Bruin Card to check out books and pay for copies.

Gym Pass

BruinCard serves as your official gym pass. Simply scan your card as you enter and have full access to gym facilities.

Meal Card

Use your BruinCard for meal swipes at any residential restaurants in On Campus Housing.

Access Card

Your BruinCard gives you access to your On Campus Housing residential building and room, campus libraries and buildings.

Laundry Card

Use your BruinCard at all On Campus residential building and University Apartments laundry facilities and never have to worry about collecting quarters again!

Apply for a BruinCard

You can apply for a BruinCard online or in person at Kerckhoff Hall 123. If you would like to review the Terms & Conditions and fill out the application before going in person to get your card, you can access the application form here. If you prefer to you can apply online.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your BruinCard is lost or stolen, or you suspect it is not in your possession, IMMEDIATELY SUSPEND YOUR CARD. You can suspend your card by using one of the following options:

  1. Online - click Suspend Card on the left menu.
  2. Call 310-825-2336 or 310-825-4775.
  3. Email
  4. Visit a BruinCard Center.

To obtain a replacement card, visit a BruinCard Center. The fee to replace a lost/stolen card is $25.00 fee (subject to change). We do not offer temporary BruinCards.

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