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UCLA Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars

For students born outside the United States, financial aid and scholarships may be difficult to obtain, but there are resources and international scholarship assistance out there for your studies in the United States.

Before you do any scholarship searching, it's important to know that you should never have to pay to find or apply for scholarships. If a scholarship search engine or application asks you for a credit card or other financial information before you can use it, stay away. Reputable scholarships never charge to apply, and there are plenty of excellent free search engines.

Resources at UCLA

Undergraduate Students

Scholarship Resource Center (Covel Commons 233)

Counseling, writing assistance for applications and other workshops for all UCLA students (Undergrad. & Grad.)

Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences

Research opportunities for undergraduate students focusing on sciences

Departmental Scholarships

Contact your academic department for more information and opportunities

Honors Collegium

Scholarship opportunities for current College Honors students

Financial Aid TV

Video tutorials for general process of applying for financial aid (Info available for both Undergrad. & Grad.)

UCLA Scholarship Database

A UCLA-based database for scholarship and financial aid opportunities for undergraduate students

Kurnitz Foreign Student Creative Writing Award

A scholarship opportunity for current undergraduate students who are foreign born and non-US citizens

Graduate Students

Graduate Education Funding Search

Free database for scholarships, grants, fellowships and postdoctoral awards

Graduate Peer Mentors for Extramural Fellowships

Individual mentorship options for current and prospective graduate students

Graduate Writing Center, (SAC B11)

Funding application and thesis writing support, related workshops for graduate students

Scholarship Resource Center (Covel Commons 233)

Counseling, writing assistance for applications and other workshops for all UCLA students (Undergrad. & Grad.)

UCLA Graduate Student Financial Support

General information guide for graduate students

Financial Crisis Response

Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT)

ECRT is composed of multiple combined offices that work together to provide financial support to students that find themselves in economic crisis. Students can receive up to five free meal vouchers per quarter, no questions asked. In order to receive extensive services, students must show that their financial situation has drastically changed (e.g. student’s loss of scholarship or parent’s loss of job). Students must undergo a financial review in order to receive additional services and support. If you find yourself in an economic crisis, email ; they will normally respond within 24 hours and begin reviewing your case. Visit their website for more information.

Dashew Center Emergency Loans

Dashew Center offers 30-day no interest loans to eligible students. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis.

To discuss possible loan options and other emergency financial resources, schedule an appointment with Tina Nguyen from or by calling the front desk from +1(310) 825-1681.

Dashew Center Case Management

Hillary Thomas serves the UCLA community by helping international students in distress connect with campus resources and needed support in order to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. She supports the campus by consulting about how to respond to and refer students in crisis by meeting with you one-on-one to offer personalized guidance.

Send an email to to have your case reviewed and set an appointment to meet if necessary.

Outside of UCLA

Covering education expenses can be hard. Although options for international students are limited relative to residents, there are still many resources international students can benefit from. When you are doing your research keep in mind that international students are, in majority of the cases, not eligible for financial aid given by the government. Since UCLA is a public school, you should be focusing on outside funds and double check the eligibility requirements for citizenship!

Scholarships and grants do not need to be paid back and they are awarded based on both need and merit. Loans, in other hand, do need to be paid back and will also include interest over time. Loans for international students are available through private lenders and will have different requirements than federal student loans.

You can use databases and search engines like below to look for financial aid options specific for you. Keep in mind that you should also look for resources from your home country. You can also meet with your academic counselor to learn the options best for your major/area of study.

Outside Scholarships

Other Online Resources

There are foundations and funds that are not affiliated with UCLA that support students’ education expenses, offer internship or fellowships. These resources will have specific requirements such as area of study, background or personal interests and passions. Here are some outside scholarships for both Undergraduate and Graduate students that are mainly for internationals:

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