An extension of stay may be requested if the Exchange Visitor needs more time to complete his/her research activity or studies. Academic departments are responsible for submitting the DS-2019 Extension Application to the Dashew Center at least 3 weeks prior to end date listed on the scholar's DS-2019. The application must be uploaded at the following link:

DS-2019 Extension Request Submission Form

Important notes:

  • The extension cannot go beyond the maximum period duration for the designated J-1 category.
  • The earliest the Dashew Center can process an extension of stay is 6 months prior to end date.
  • J-2 DS-2019s attached to a J-1 record are always automatically extended with the J-1 DS-2019. A separate request is not required.
  • The Dashew Center cannot extend a DS-2019 if an EV’s 212e waiver application is approved by the Department of State or USCIS.
  • The processing time for DS-2019 Extension Applications is 15 business days.

Please refer to the checklist below when submitting a DS-2019 Extension Request.

Item 1: DS-2019 Department Approval Form

Completed DS-2019 Department Approval Form. Requires signatures from:

  • Faculty Advisor
  • Chairperson of the department

DS-2019 Department Approval Form

Item 2: Evidence of Financial Support

Documentary evidence of financial support in English. If supported by UCLA no additional documents are necessary. Acceptable financial documents include:

  • Personal funds: A recent bank statement no older than 6 months verifying the required amount of money. Online print-outs and ATM receipts are not acceptable documents.
  • Family funds from abroad: Bank statements, sponsorship letter, and/or bank letters verifying that EV will receive the required amount of money from their family during the term.
  • Government or other sponsoring agency: A signed copy of the scholarship or award letter on official letterhead which states the amount and duration of the award.
  • Home country institution/employer: Copy of signed letter from employer on official letterhead indicating the amount and continuation of salary payments during program participation.

Minimum required financial support is provided below:

  • Scholar : $30,300 per year / $2525 per month
  • Spouse : $6,000 per year / $500 per month
  • Each Child : $2,667 per year / $222 per month

Item 3: Departmental Recharge Form

All fees listed below are required to process a DS-2019 extension. Exceptions may apply. All fees are non-refundable.

$300 Visa Services Fee*

Fee is per DS-2019 request submitted. Scholars fully supported through UCLA 19900/20000 funds are exempt from the $300 visa services fee.

$40 SEVIS User Fee

Fee is per year of appointment. For example, the fee for an appointment over 1 year and less than 2 years will be $80.

$40 J-2 Dependent Fee

Fee is per dependent (spouse or child) and year of appointment. For example, the fee for 2 dependents on a 2 year program will be $160.

Payment must be submitted through departmental recharge, unless this an extension request for a VGR. VGR visa fees are processed through the GoGrad portal. The Dashew Center cannot accept payment directly from the visitor.

Fees may not be required for DS-2019 extension requests if appointment doesn't exceed an additional year. For instance, there is no fee for a scholar with an initial appointment of 5 months extending for 1 more month. Please consult with DCISS for further clarification if needed.

*The $300 visa processing fee cannot be paid by Contract and Grant (C&G) funds unless the funding source does not involve a federal agency. The fund range for C&G funds are provided on the chart below.

C&G Fund Range Chart
Funds Category Fund Range*
State of CA–Agencies 18200-18887
State of CA–Agencies 18889-18999
Local Government 20600-20939
Local Government 20950-20979
Local Government 20981-20999
Private Grant& Contracts 57000-59999
EFM 65999
Local Government 77001-77499
Private Grant& Contracts 77500-84999

* Allowed on sponsored award if funding source does not involve federal agency.

Please see FEE section below.

Item 4: Student Researcher Reappointment Approval

Only required for Visiting Graduate Researchers (VGRs). Attach the VGR reappointment approval email from the Graduate Division. This email will include the approved program dates. The end date should match the end date on the DS-2019 form.

Item 5: Insurance Requirements Form

The Insurance Requirements Form must be filled out and signed by the exchange visitor.

Item 6: Proof of Current Health Insurance Coverage

Proof of current medical insurance. DCISS needs to verify that the exchange visitor is still maintaining health insurance coverage. Acceptable documents include insurance card, verification letter or email. Document must be in English and include insurance company contact information.

Item 7: Exchange Visitor (J-1) Contract Form

The Exchange Visitor (J-1) Contract must be filled out and signed by the exchange visitor.